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For years, we have assisted hundreds of consumers to not only repair or delete negative items from their credit reports, but also we have helped them to rebuild their credit, providing legal alternatives to increase their credit scores.

Let us help you get back in control.


Our extensive experience in the financial and credit industries, has allowed us to collect the knowledge to dispute issues on our Clients' Credit Reports with a high level of success in the first attempt. Our credit repair process includes a generation of "unique dispute letters" which translates into better results from the first round of disputes.

If you need to increase your debt to income ratio (DTI), we can also work on "Trade Lines". The goal is to provide you with the credit accounts required to boost your credit score, regardless of your credit history (the price of this service is not included in our basic Credit Repair service).

Get your credit repair process started, and we will take care of your credit report issues and keep you posted via our exclusive web login page.






Contact us to find out what Successful Solutions Consulting can do for your credit report and credit history. We can help you!



Let us help you get back in control.


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